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The story of an intuition:

It all started with Renzo Taffarello, an intuition and his ability to think outside the box. Renzo has always been a leader: someone who reduces the time between the conception of an idea and its realisation. A young man with a visionary heart and pragmatic thinking: this is an amazing combination for a 17-year-old teen in Italy. Renzo looked, observed and reflected. He was in a shop in Genova when he saw a shop assistant wrap a pair of shoes in a sheet of paper and hand them over to a client who carried them under the arm. ‘A carrier bag, we need a carrier bag!’ It would be even better, if it was personalised, and better still if it is me producing it. Ready? Let’s start.

The first carrier bag, looking at in now, is not aesthetically pleasing: it’s brown, in propylene with two laces. But, let’s be honest, nearly all new-borns are imperfect. Renzo is aware of this, so with one hand he improves it and with the other starts the business: endless square meters, a lot of nice people, many carrier bags produced. Renzo pushes the accelerator, he aims at speed, but he doesn’t realise that he is just in first gear.

He selects the right gear and sets the business into motion. He conquers Europe with incredible innovations. One stands out from all of them: the opaque insert. Once again, he highlights that the simplest idea is also the most effective.

To discover the full ‘story of an intuition’ watch the video!

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