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In perfect harmony with...

In harmony with nature

If we had to choose an ideal representation, it would be a tree, well rooted into the ground to support the weight of the heavy branches which reach beyond the sky. Our roots remind us that we come from a rural territory, with an agricultural tradition which has always been in harmony with nature. A harmony which industrialisation has often broken. For this reason, we have always been environmentally friendly, being one of the first companies to achieve the FSC certification and using 100% recycled paper.

The shopping Bag that truly loves the environment.

We were one of the first Shopping Bag producers to move from plastic bags to paper, conscious of the value of the raw materials, both regarding the finished product and its environmental sustainability.
Throughout the years we continued to work to safeguard the environment, working with recycled paper and looking for suppliers which can guarantee an eco-friendly and controlled production chain.
We are also proud to announce that we invented PaperLam, a specific manufacturing process which allows to laminate paper sustainably since it is recyclable like standard paper. Find out more about PaperLam

Only water-based inks

We only work with water-based inks and we do not use any type of solvents during manufacturing. This is also to benefit the working environment which we value as much as nature.
We have an efficient reusing and recycling programme of waste materials since big differences are in the little things.
Some retain this attention to the environment a useless cost, but for us it is an investment for the future, for our kids, for the territory, where we grounded our roots.

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