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New tendencies in colours and materials

The new tendencies regarding to colour and material often are suggested to us by our clients or developed by comparison with our most important distributors.

The recycled Havana paper, that we have already stated before, is growing and becoming more and more successful because natural material is exceeding in excellence and we are more often required to print with white colour. The white ink on the natural color material creates a creative contrast enhancing the ecological image in the paper.

Quite so often, only a few simple precautions make the packaging even more pleasant and appealing just by using white on Havana paper, in addition, we would have an even more economic product with a safe and effective result.

Before we carry on, we would like to talk to you about a small notice: as you’ll read further on into this article talking about the millions of different types of ink, the colour and type of the card have a huge influence on the outcome of the colour.

In the case of white Havana paper, the natural color so called 'dirty' with the added white making it a little bit more gray. the optimal result is obtained by printing two steps of white making a two-color print. This way the opacity of the two-way passage will have an even better effect but to make that even better and, in most cases, thanks to a particular setting of the printer, with the second step we are able to transfer on the card a major quantity of ink with the result of obtaining a pure white and an even more surprising effect.

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