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One of the most current arguments is...Ecology!

It’s not such abstract content but an important cultural and behavioral factor that affects everyone. One of the most critical aspects is, without a doubt is the waste management. The fundamental principle of ecological culture related to waste management is the famous ‘rule of the three Rs’.

REDUCEThe phase of prevention which signifies choosing your own purchases and considering both of their real usefulness and the quantity of waste that we would produce with them. This is appropriate taking into consideration the products in which the packaging can be more easily reused or recycled.

REUSE:  This means to create a new life for the objects and with a bit of creativity, what might seem impossible to reuse may become a resource. Even giving away what we aren’t using in our day-to-day lives can become a way to start reusing some products.

RECYCLE:   Whatever passes through the first two stages must be managed in a responsible manner avoiding producing waste indifference.

Here, the fundamental principles that are applied in life and in day to day preferences of each one of us. In the eyes of a packaging manufacturer, it curtails to embrace another rule which is as important as the main three.

RESPONSIBILITY:  This signifies the awareness that the philosophy, the choices of the industries can have an enormous impact on the climate. The responsibility derives from having the availability of handling powerful tools that can have a positive or negative impact on the environment.

From here, Taffarello’s choice is to:

-           Use recycled paper and leave out the chemical whitener.

-           Use water-based ink

-           Manage emissions and waste with extreme care

-           Obtain the FSC certification

 Everything before these were the main demands in the market or the marketing tools.

Another topic that relates to the problems of ecology is the use of plastic bags and their regulation. This is a huge problem for loads of European countries following a community directive. They have dealt with this factor in their way introducing specific limits and rules.

Italy first introduced this since 2011 and has greatly restricted the use of plastic bags with legislations being a little complex but that has effectively been detected. Ireland and Wales have virtually eliminated the bags in polyethylene, Holland obliged the merchants to charge for each plastic bag and have severely restricted their use.

It’s interesting to note that Holland is the only country in Europe to have regulated plastic bags and laminated paper. In other countries, other forms of plastic restriction are being studied by their respective legislators. this is essentially the direction that the market is following and we expect that in the medium term the use of plastic for packaging will be further limited in favor of more ecological and natural materials.

Taffarello we have long since moved ecology to philosophy and we took a definite direction already in the period of 2009 - 2010 from all that investments were aimed at developing the production of envelopes and limiting, up to almost eliminate machinery dedicated to plastic.

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