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Sometimes changes are sudden and unexpected.

The Coronavirus pandemic overwhelmed everyone’s lives, changing our lifestyle, our habits, our relationships and consumed the economy of many countries.

How can we react to this change? How can we restart efficiently? These are the questions that we asked ourselves every day since the future of companies and commercial activities will depend on our attitude. We do not have the solution to everything, but resilience is the cure for any type of change. The main ability is to adapt but remain true to yourself.

In the past years, the most efficient company models seemed to be start-ups: small companies made by young people that develop a niche project, but this is only an “aesthetic” aspect. The philosophy and the strength of a start-up are based on two principles: innovation and investment in people’s talents. Considering this, it is safe to say that we are all meant to behave like start-ups not only because we are obliged to start from scratch, but also since the survival of the company relies on the ability to renew itself.

From this point of view, Taffarello has always shared the same principles of start-ups. Even if we are a company with years of history and experience, it is as if we were a start-up for over 20 years. This attitude allowed us to become the company we are today and will help us overcome these difficult times.

Innovation is the ability to read and understand the surrounding environment, the demands, and changes in the market: these conditions have always existed but in this recent time it has had a dramatic effect on our lifestyle and habits. Therefore, it is important to find adequate solutions and respond efficiently to demands, which are not always obvious.

This process is led by people’s talent which is the key to innovation. Not only of the company staff, but also of clients, suppliers, consumers, and co-operators – anyone who can bring positive energy during a time of change. It all comes down to the networking abilities, the factor that will make the difference, to overcome the vertical consumer - manufacturer relations to head towards a more circular exchange. It is important therefore to go beyond the traditional roles, to be elastic, empathic, resilient, and willing to keep looking for news.

Taffarello has always been more than a simple shopping bag producer since it is based on these ideas that allowed us to succeed and we are ready to face a new challenge: managing a team of talents and open our doors to change. 


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